Common Questions

The hourly rate is visible on the tutor’s profile page. A junior tutor with little experience will therefore charge less than an experienced teacher.

Not sure where that email was sent? Here are some tips to help you find it.

  1. Search for the email. We’ll send the email from “ZoSmart Support,” so you can quickly search for it. If it isn’t in your inbox, check your folders. If a spam filter or email rule moved the email, it might be in the Spam, Junk, Trash, Deleted Items, or Archive folder.
  2. Make sure you’re checking the correct email account.
  3. Resend the email. To resend a reset email, repeat the steps to reset your password or verification email, and we’ll send an email to your email address.
  4. If you still can’t find the reset email or verification email, contact ZoSmart Support. We’ll be happy to help.

Try broadening your search by adjusting your availability filters. You can also email us at We’re happy to help.

  1. Tap the settings icon
  2. Tap “Support and help”
  3. Tap “Contact Support”

We use Stripe, a reputable third-party vendor, to process payments. Tutor and ZoSmart employee cannot access your credit/debit card information.

ZoSmart is open to everyone; verified and unverified. To ensure quality and opportunities to earn more, we invite all tutors to complete our three-step verification process.

  1. Complete an in-app questionnaire
  2. Submit an official transcript
  3. Complete a background check